Hanoi Top Attractions

If you love enjoying some local autumn specialties such as young green rice, green tea wrapped in fresh lotus or simply breathe the spirit of Hanoi which is written in many famous songs, you definitely should come to Hanoi in autumn.

Where to go in Hanoi in the autumn: It is not coincident when autumn in Hanoi can be found in hundreds of songs beautifully written by local artists who fall in love with this season. When tourists visit Hanoi in August or September, they feel the calm and peaceful inner peace. When you wander around this beautiful city in the autumn, especially around Old Quarter, Hanoi offer you the best scenes of yellow leaves falling on brown roof of ancient house. Suddenly you will feel like you are coming back hundreds years ago and escape a moment from modern life.

What to eat in Hanoi in the autumn: Green young rice is certainly a must-try dish because you cannot find it in another season.  And do not miss the chance to enjoy street food when you are in Hanoi. Delicious sweet dessert made from green bean and coconut may be the sweetest memory of your whole time here.

What to expect in public place: Parks are full of people enjoying fine weather and the streets are full of girls in colorful dresses who do not need to cover themselves in sun protect shirt as in summer or heavy jacket as in the winter.

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