Dos and Don'ts on travelling Laos

It is important to know about your dos and don's in Laos if you are travelling to this country, either for a short visit or for a longer stay. Laotians are hospitable, friendly and enthusiastic people. Therefore, take note some tips below to have a enjoyable and relaxing trip without any troubles.

1. Dos

- The Lao word for Hello is "Sa Bai Dee", say with a smile and you will be welcomed.

- The formal greeting is called "Nop", is usually used with handshake between men. 

- Take off shoes before enter Lao's house or temple.

- Dress neatly, keep silence and be polite while visit temples or any sacred places in Laos.

- If you want to join the Alms Giving ceremony in every morning, a traditional custom of Laotian, keep silence and show your respect for this ritual.

- Accept drink or water that Lao people serve even you don't want to drink. 

- Try Lao traditional foods as much as possible. 


2. Don'ts

- Use your feet to touch or point at something, someone. 

- Shout or make noise in public. 

- Throw trash in wrong places is considered improper. 

- Bath nude in public is impolite and rude to Lao culture.

- Turn you back to the statue of Buddha.

- Make noise, honking on joining Lao street.

- Touch on Lao women's body or kiss her hand without permission is rude, discourteous. 

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