History & Culture

History & Culture

When it comes to observing and understanding a country, history and culture are often the best gateway. Our exclusive historical and cultural tours are aimed to bring travellers into a close touch with the spirit and charm. They will offer you a uniquely enriched experience of all senses and knowledge about places, people, tangible and intangible legacies connecting past and present. You will come to appreciate the pride and efforts of local artists, craftsmen and villagers to maintain what are endowed to them from their ancestors. Visiting architectural relics, seeing long-stranding traditions in practice, enjoying performances of folk songs, dances and puppetry, listening to legends, and talking to witnesses of history are part of your tour plan though not being all. We can even go out of the way to make special arrangements for you to meet your personal requests. These – for example – can be a discussion with a renowned culture or history scholar in search of answers on issues of interest. There is no limit to what we can do to add value to your trip with us and make it unforgettable.

Duration:  5-day
Group size:  Private
Itinerary: Bangkok - Chiang Rai – Chiang Mai
$0.0 (per person)

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