Fabulous experience

Dear Son,

You were the guide in Hanoi as well as Halong bay last December, for my niece Helene as well as myself. For us Vietnam was the perfect experience and you greatly contributed into it, not only taking all of us around but explaining a lot of things and helping us within our daily life. We certaily hope to return (especially since we needed to totally skip Hue as well as Hoi An, due to floods which grounded us for just two days in Danang. I've sent a card with some prints but I needed to send some through email too, if this really is possible. So I'm attaching 3 for this email and will deliver 3 more by individual mail. I hope everything is well along with you and hope that 2010 brings you lots of joy, good health, and personal in addition to professional satisfactions in your own private life and work ventures. If you have time, drop a collection. And don't forget should you ever come that way you are able to stay with me (I'm close to Geneva, Switzerland) and my personal niece who lives close to Paris .All the best and again thanks for all you assistance, Sylvie.

Sylvie - Switzerland, Vietnam

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