Take a Cyclo Ride

Not the most efficient method of cruising through the city, but a very old and popular way of experiencing Saigon.


In Saigon, you’ll find that most cyclo drivers speak English, though this can be a good and bad thing. Good because it can make negotiations easier, but bad because they will tend to start at a higher price. Just like any form of transportation in the city, a cyclo can be hired for a short ride or by the hour for longer tour.

This is a great way to tour the city’s sites, as well as letting you enjoy the everyday sights of the Saigon streets that normally go unnoticed on the back of a motorbike — they’re particularly great for exploring pagoda-filled Cholon, or Chinatown. You can discover the vibrant atmosphere and bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City by a three wheeled bicycle with a carriage at the front for the passenger to sit in, while the driver uses pedal power to power us along. 



Never before have you had a chance to discover and travel by this way. The cyclo take you across every street and you just need to sit on it, let your eyes look around and feel the pace of life in the city.

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