Top 6 can-not-be-missed desserts on your trip to Thailand

Thailand is a country famous for street food, shopping areas and sunny islands. Especially, Thai cuisine has a lot of interesting feature that impress all visitors coming here. Dessert is one of things that make the country's cuisine well-known. 

1. Khao Niaow Ma Muang 


 If mango is your favourite fruit, you can not miss the attractive dessert named khao niaow ma muang or Thai mango and sweet sticky rice. Sweet stick rice, combined with ripe mango, covered by peanuts and coconut milk of this dish surely make you never forget its flavour. Khao niaow ma muang can be seen in every corner in Thailand from luxusious to street food vendors. 


2. Tub Tim Grob

 Tub tim grob is a kind of sweet gruel. Its main ingredient is crispy chestnuts wrapped by red-died taapioca starch, they look like charming rubies covered by cold coconut milk. The greasy of coconut milk, the sweet-smelling of chestnuts surely satisfy everyone even the most fastidious people. All restaurants in Thailand have this sweet gruel. 


3. Coconut ice-cream

 Nothing more fascinating than having a cold coconut ice-cream in hot and muggy days. Thai people love coconuts in their country. The ice-cream is put in the coconut shell, adding corns, peanuts and coconut jelly, all of them bring the strange but familiar taste for the ice-cream. Contemplating the street while enjoying the coconut ice-cream is the hobby of many tourists. 


4. Foi Thong


Foi thong can be seen as golden egg yolk threads. This original dessert is made from chicken egg's yolk or goose egg's yolk, the yolk is boiled into syrup mixed with rose extract or jasmine extract to make yellow threads. With eye-catching yellow, Thai people believe that it will bring luck to their family, therefore, Foi thong is usually served in weeeding party and other banquets. 


5. Thai Pancake

Enjoying sweet-smelling pancake with coconut ice-cream will be the good choice in the sunny and hot day. Like a thin pizza, you can choose different ingredient on the top of the cake like babana, strawberry, mango, then drizzle peanuts and sweetened condensed milk. Besides, you also ask for adding chocolate syrup (nutella). The Thai pancake is only US $1 and sold in every corner of Thailand. 


6. Khao Tom Mad

Khao tom mad is one of traditional dessert in Thailand. It is made from glutinous rice, coconut milk, black beans and babana, these ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves or coconut leaves and then boil. Khao tom mad can be found in Thai market areas. 

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