Kanchanaburi is located to the west of Bangkok, is the third largest province in Thailand has an area of approximately 19 485 km2 with mostly mountains bordering Burma and west of Bangkok.

Kanchanaburi, where the famous bridge that spans the River Kwai world immortalized in books and movies, featuring natural beauty untouched where the mountains and river valleys have inspired development of hydroelectric and lot dams, reservoirs additional scenery for natural beauty of this province enchanting people.

The provincial capital, some 130 kilometers east is where the River Kwai Yai and Kwai two adjacent Noi form the Mae Klong River, about two hours from Bangkok by car comfortably, opening up views Kanchanaburi increasingly attracting tourists with point Typical such as waterfalls, river banks and dams calm.
There are many opportunities to enjoy life bucolic on rafts on the rivers and reservoirs ravishing, creating special moments for memorable holidays for nature lovers like to mingle However in the natural environment but still enjoy the comfort standards.

Duration:  Full day
Group size:  Group 20
Itinerary: River Kwai Bridge – World War II Museum – Sai Yok Noi Waterfall – Tiger Temple
$94.0 (per person)
Duration:  2-day
Group size:  Private
Itinerary: War Museum - War Cemetery - River Kwai Bridge - Mon Tribal Village - Hell Fire Pass Memorial - Death Railway Train
$0.0 (per person)

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