Yangon, also known as “Ragoon”, is the former capital of Myanmar before it is displaced by Naypyidaw in 2005. This name means “end of fight”. It is the largest city of Myanmar.

Yangon is very crowded and busy. Nowadays, Yangon still has remains of a British colony from 19th century. It becomes famous Yangon architecture. Despite being a business and financial hub of Myanmar, Yangon maintains its sacred atmosphere with the presence of more than 2000 years old magnificent Shwedagon pagoda - a wonder of Burma (Myanmar) and one of the best preserved pagoda which possesses golden stupa 109 meters in height. It looks like it's reaching to the sky or a blaze in the dark night. This city is highly appreciated for its serenity thanks to fresh parks surrounding peaceful Inya and Kandawgyi Lake. In addition, every daily activity stagnate at 8 pm, no nightlife, no opening shops or markets, the city becomes quiet.

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