Mandalay is the second largest city of Myanmar after Yangon and former capital of the last Myanmar Kingdom- King Mindon. It is known as “city of Gems”. The city was built a long Irrawaddy River and over 680 km from the north of Yangon. At founding time in 1857, it was called “Lay Kyun Aung Mye” that means Victorious Land over Four Islands”. The current name Mandalay derives from “Mandala” and “Mandare” which means “Auspicious Plains land”. It remains as the cultural heart, arts and handicraft land of Myanmar. There are various kinds of special arts like wood carvings, stone carvings as well as ivory, silver ware, special bronze statues. All over the world, “Shwe Chi Htoe” refers to Burmese skilled crafts men which also called as Gold thread Weaving. It is also known as the land of traditional dance, music or live drama.

Mandalay is considered to have a mix between modern and traditional charm. With more than a half million citizens, Mandalay is cultural diversified. The city have a half of Burma’monks. It maintains as Myanmar Buddhist central and is one of the most popular destination.

Going to Mandalay, tourists can see a world of fascinating sights, historical attractions, events and the best aspects of Myanmar. Legend footprint Buddha Mandalay Hill is the most well- known Myanmar destination for legend and magnificent view sight to the whole Mandalay below. Beside, a lovely Pyin- Oo- Lwin Hill presents beautiful gardens, temples great for sightseeing. It is the most ideal visit in summer vacation. Not only having a spectacular nature, Mandalay is also famous as a holy land with Pagoda of Kuthodaw, Maha- Myat Muni Pagoda and several smaller pagodas. Because of being royal city, highlight Mandalay Palace still stands as evident of magnanimous Mondon King.

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