We arrived in Pakse, the capital of southern Laos province Champasack and many times, but each time made a new sense of this fascinating region by many different reasons, but first of all the special geographical position advantages of this place.

This young city is also a tourist attraction, the economic attractiveness of Laos. It previously was the capital of Champasak Bounum monarch, the last king of Laos feudalism was canceled in 1946.

Pakse is a land with many unique festival, attracts tourists as Wat Phou festival, Veat Pha Khao Phansa ...

In addition to the places to visit, also very tasty Pakse cuisine, especially the fish and prawn extremely attractive. The afternoon sitting in a restaurant on the river watching the sunset west extremely impressive.

Duration:  6-day
Group size:  Group 32
Itinerary: Pakse – Boloven Plateau – Champasak – Ban Khiet Ngong – Si Phan Done
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