Cambodia culture and history

Cambodia culture and history

Cambodia is situated between Thailand and Vietnam, Laos is bordered to the north. Compared with the adjacent neighbors, unnoticed to many, but for tourism, the country is increasingly attracting more tourists to visit every year. By having the following reasons: Easy come, Historic and unique local culture, Angkor Wat is a destination not to be missed while in Cambodia. There are many tourist attractions. Apart from the capital, Phnom Penh, you can reach the main cities nearby. Bumpy and difficult road, but the price is very cheap. Moreover, you will have the exciting experience when sightseeing along the way. The bus is also very much and have many exciting destinations for you to stop and explore all day.

Duration:  3-day
Group size:  Private
Itinerary: Phnom Penh – Kampong Cham – Kratie - Stung Trong - ChamkarLeour - Kampong Thom - Siem Reap
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